An extroverted alcoholics social club

​The most difficult  part of 12 step meetings for me is before the meeting starts most people are loudly exchanging greetings and blah blah blah. A close second is when someone has a preachy and or long winded share. Say what you have to say in a clear and concise manner and be done with it. This is an extroverted program after all. It has been said that introverts are the lefties of the recovery community. Welp, cheers to being different.

 I must accept the things that I cannot change. #introvert

Mandated AA Meetings for Atheists

One of the most controversial problems for atheists is court mandated attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous. Insisting that atheists participate in this group could be viewed as promoting a religious belief and therefore an infringement of their rights. This view was supported by a ruling by the US Supreme Court when it was ruled wrong for a judge to have coerced an atheist into attending AA.

So what does this mean who are “forced” to attend?

Economic Fascism

“Modern capitalism is the first important system of property rights to allow property owners to make decisions which result in large scale unemployment. The much vaunted freedom of modern capitalism is largely a matter of the freedom of property owners from social responsibility for the consequences of their economic choices. It is a matter of the freedom of property owners not to invest their savings if the profit incentive is not considered sufficient. To say that it is also a matter of the freedom of the worker to abstain from work is to utter a shallow mockery of human necessity. The rich man is, in a practical sense, free to withhold his savings from investment. The poor man is never free in any but a legal and absurd sense to withhold his labor from the highest bidder. However low the bid, as the principles of sound capitalism require, so to withhold his labor is to starve.”

Lawrence Dennis, the Coming American Fascism, 1936

Hence the term wage slave. Boy what a world.

Acceptance and Serenity

Acceptance Is the Key to Serenity

My experience has been, and I hope for the sake of humanity that my perception is incorrect, that very few authority figures such as employers will “accept” this point of view. Controlling / managing people is what authority figures do after all.

The irony is bosses are supposed to run our (employees) lives like they are corniol klink. IMy problem is in accepting that micromanagement. Life is hilarious.

I am having a difficult time practicing these twelve step principles an all my affairs.