Insulin pump belt clip improvment

I had been having difficulties with the belt clip cutting holes in my underwear during sleep. I thought “I should create some kind of padding.”

Fourthly I had the ideal material available. One square inch of 1″ Diameter Sealant Wall Heat Shrink Tubing.

The installation procedure is fairly straightforward.

  • Cut one inch of heat shrink
  • Slide it onto the end of the belt clip.
  • Carefully apply heat. Ia mini a mini torch. A lighter will work. Please note that a hair dryer does not produce enough heat.
  • After everything has shrunk down you are done!

Pictures below.

Bah, Humbug!

I have spent my entire working life ether in retial, the magority of it grocery or a customer service capacity.

Moving on…

As the result of the above holidays mean one of two things:

A: An excuse for grocery retialers to sell more snacks and alcohol than normal.  So i’d be working it anyway. Somebody has to restock all those chips and booze.

B: Unpaied time off which means hours that need to make up to replace wages in order to make ends meet.

Shut up until you have something of substance to report

I just had an evil idea. If the Russia investigation, when all is said & done comes up with nothing the following should happen: all the media companies that peddled the story endlessly should lose their FCC licences for a year. This is a penitaly for spewing bullshit and further filling our laud world with more useless noise. I know that could mean “the resistance” by Keith Olbermann. I’d survive. Yeah you’re in the boredom killing business. So what? I can kill boredom with a book. News is supposed to be news. Events. “There was a mine collapse on mars, 10 robots trapped.” That kind of thing.

🎶🎸It’s the end of TV as we know it and I feel fine.🎶🎸

The same old miracle

There was another story in my 12 step meting today about how the sharer turned his will and life over to the care of god and all his problems where solved. I recall him mentioning employment and housing. He gotva deam job and housing. These opportunities just materialized.

Istrugle to comprehend this kind of thing. In my life getting a dream job (he used the phrase dream job)  i would first have to define what my dream job would be and then probally get the equired equcation and certifications to meet the job qualifications.

So when you are at the rock bottom there is nowhere to go but up. So what about when you get to slightly above the bottom? Escaping retial seems to require more that being at the right place at the right time.