The same old miracle

There was another story in my 12 step meting today about how the sharer turned his will and life over to the care of god and all his problems where solved. I recall him mentioning employment and housing. He gotva deam job and housing. These opportunities just materialized.

Istrugle to comprehend this kind of thing. In my life getting a dream job (he used the phrase dream job)  i would first have to define what my dream job would be and then probally get the equired equcation and certifications to meet the job qualifications.

So when you are at the rock bottom there is nowhere to go but up. So what about when you get to slightly above the bottom? Escaping retial seems to require more that being at the right place at the right time.

Contemplating page 84 of the AA big book

Page 84 paragraphvtwo of the big book of alcoholics anonymous  states.

And we have ceased fighting anything or anyone.

This passage puzzles me. Taken litteraly and applied to all affairs one could theoretically  face the following scenario.

Another individual states that he wants the square meter of space that you are occupying. If you vacate that space you would not have a place to occupy.

In a capitalist society where all basic needs are monotized it is necessary to compete for employment, food, space, ECT. To cease fighting would mean to cease to exist.

So in the real big bad dog eat dog world that dosent owe you a thing how do you realistialy and practically cease fighting?

I wish it it will never happen.