Insulin pump belt clip improvment

I had been having difficulties with the belt clip cutting holes in my underwear during sleep. I thought “I should create some kind of padding.”

Fourthly I had the ideal material available. One square inch of 1″ Diameter Sealant Wall Heat Shrink Tubing.

The installation procedure is fairly straightforward.

  • Cut one inch of heat shrink
  • Slide it onto the end of the belt clip.
  • Carefully apply heat. Ia mini a mini torch. A lighter will work. Please note that a hair dryer does not produce enough heat.
  • After everything has shrunk down you are done!

Pictures below.

Bah, Humbug!

I have spent my entire working life ether in retial, the magority of it grocery or a customer service capacity.

Moving on…

As the result of the above holidays mean one of two things:

A: An excuse for grocery retialers to sell more snacks and alcohol than normal.  So i’d be working it anyway. Somebody has to restock all those chips and booze.

B: Unpaied time off which means hours that need to make up to replace wages in order to make ends meet.

Shut up until you have something of substance to report

I just had an evil idea. If the Russia investigation, when all is said & done comes up with nothing the following should happen: all the media companies that peddled the story endlessly should lose their FCC licences for a year. This is a penitaly for spewing bullshit and further filling our laud world with more useless noise. I know that could mean “the resistance” by Keith Olbermann. I’d survive. Yeah you’re in the boredom killing business. So what? I can kill boredom with a book. News is supposed to be news. Events. “There was a mine collapse on mars, 10 robots trapped.” That kind of thing.

🎶🎸It’s the end of TV as we know it and I feel fine.🎶🎸